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No results for a while

I'm off on my big challenge tomorrow 24th and won't be around to do any results until mid-July. As there is no available deputy you'll have to wait I'm afraid. Hope you enjoy some sailing whether at ASC or on your hols somewhere - I'm dying to hear some detail about the Club Broads trip a few weeks ago.

See you in July sometime



Series racing

Wednesday 1 for the Williams Trophy updated - NOT completed as previously stated - there is one race to go. Steve Fischer (Lsr) can't be beaten with a clean sweep of 5 pts from 5 races, followed by Hilgard Muller (Ent) and Andras Szabo (Lsr) immediately before the final race.

Other series await scoring as I have been away and/or concentrating on my big cycling trip which is imminent.

ASC Laser Open 2017

The Laser Open was held on Sunday 11th June. I know it was windy as I was out on the bike in Hertfordshire not too far away, but the DNFs/DNCs tell a tale of rising wind, tired sailors or both. I wanted a stretch after 50 miles cycling so had a short sail at about 6pm and it was still very lively. Well done all who survived at least one race - it was a good turnout so thanks to the thirteen visitors from eleven clubs, as well as the ASC sailors and not to be forgotten the OOD crew led by Ent helms Hilgard Muller and Richard Jenkins who I imagine worked very hard.

Podium places:

Ross Williams / Grafham / 2 pts

Simon Hamment / Papercourt / 4 pts with one first place

Mason Woodworth / Aldenham / 4 pts (Apprentice Master)

I'm not sure what prizes were awarded but James Le Couilliard (ASC) was first Master, Colin Carver (ASC) first Grand Master, Edward Brown (Broxbourne) first Youth and Leila Moore (DWSC) first Lady. Dave Killey (Maidenhead) was first Great Grand Master.  Some chose the Radial rig and of those albeit unofficial results (I believe), 1st 2nd and 3rd were Mark Fowler (Littleton) and the aforementioned Edward and Leila.


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