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Results updated 15th October | Bart's Bash 2017 results | Official site results - thanks to James le Couilliard for running the racing 

Autumn 1 continued today with a twist. Marcus suggested we stir things up a bit with a change to the normal Aldenham course setting. We ended up with a modification of the Olympic sausage-triangle, as follows:

Start from clubhouse to Mark 8 as ODM, with IDM

Lap 1   beat to 5S, run to 10S

Lap 2   beat to 5S, reach to 7S, reach to 3P, reach to 9S, reach to 10S

Lap 3   as Lap 1, Lap 4 as Lap 2 and so on.

This proved popular and no one got lost, so the OOD crew hope to repeat it in future.

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