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Racing - updated 16 April

Spring 1 finished on 14 April in excellent form.  The results can be found here.  

By sailing the final day - and by his standards not having one of his better days - Steve Fischer lost out on his near certain 1st place for the series to Colin by diluting his OOD scores.  However the day's racing was excellent in a shifty Easterly - not the Club's best direction - and most Lasers found their way at or near the front at some point or other.  But in the end Colin won the first race from a closely chasing Tim Le C and - perhaps with Tim benefitting from a crackly new sail - those roles were reversed in the second race.

This gives the Club (and Laser) series to Colin Carver (5 points) followed by Steve Fischer (8) and David Lambert (9).

In the Ents, Tony Gold and Mark Dickinson came out on top of Les Smith then Richard Jenkins.

In the Club wide Personal Handicap fleet Tony and Mark also convincingly came out top followed by David Lambert (who had a stunning start to the series) and then Kevin Savage who already has had his handicap nobbled considerably....

The Wednesday Evening Pursuit Series started on 10 April and its results can be found here.

Finally, I have now uploaded the Club's Sailing Instructions and OOD Guide to the website - they can be found via links on the Racing Information page (see here).

James Le C


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