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Autumn 1 - Results for 13 October 2019

Report by Tim Lowe (OOD):

For the second day's racing of Autumn 1 there was a brisk southerly breeze, blowing straight down the lake, with 5 Lasers and 2 Enterprises out.  A course was set to allow a decent first beat, a couple of reaches, and a downwind leg back up to the dam.

Tim Le Couilliard gained the lead early on, and no one could catch him after some lucky gusts.  Les took on the challenge of sailing his Enterprise single handed, and managed very well, righting a couple of capsizes.  However, the last one caused his mast to become stuck fast - well done to Leo and Frank, on rescue, who retrieved helm and boat without drama.

Well done also to Daniele, who is welcomed to the Laser fleet and took a club boat out: a challenging day for it but he got control of the radial rig, and kept upright…. most of the time…..

A photo finish between Steve and Colin for second place finished the first race.

An exhausted fleet returned ashore with little take up for the second race.  Tim was the only Laser returning afloat succesfully battling it out with Hilgard in his Enterprise.


As everyone's Personal Handicaps have yet to be "refreshed" to take account of this season's performances, no personal handicap results are shown at the moment.  Also the results page needs to be updated for the new season's results table.  But the results for the series so far can be found here

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