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ASC is a members' club run solely on a volunteer basis. It welcomes new members to a number of courses that serve as an introduction to this fantastic sport. Sailing is a pastime suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and our instructors are volunteer members with a passion for the sport, ready to guide newcomers in their first steps, and tailor training accordingly.

In this section you can find information on the

  • range of courses that we run,
  • other related information.

Aldenham itself is a dinghy racing club and the principle aim is to support members who wish to develop their skills to the point where they can participate in the club's racing programme. Many of the club's regular members have achieved this within a few months of being introduced to the sport, some within weeks. Progress from complete novice to club racing participant, normally takes a Start Sailing and a Start Racing course, supplemented by free sailing to practise key skills.

For Children we restrict our courses to those who are part of  the club's 'sailing family membership' and offer a training course that normally commences to coincide with the start of the school summer term. This can help develop skills and confidence which can be built upon in a more informal series of practise sessions arranged by the parents/carers of those who are interested. (For this latter part  it's important that the children are supported by parents/carers members who are familiar with sailing and capable to provide necessary safety cover.)

Our Courses

•For Children - Starting Sailing - a 'basic skills' course for children in single handers. 

The course is aimed at existing club members with Family membership. For more information please see the Course Outlines page or contact Nick Cooke, the Junior Training Co-ordinator.

• Safety Boat Familiarisation Day - Essential for all club members who might use the safety boat. This is a 1-day course run on demand -  normally on a Saturday in February/March.

 Other Courses

 The club also arranges other courses on an occasional basis:

 • For Adults and Teenagers - An initial 'taster' day at the start of the season (April)

• Start Sailing – A basic skills course for usually in crewed dinghies.

• Start Racing– An introduction to racing 

• Enterprise Training Day. An absolute must for ASC Enterprise Sailors covering all aspects of racing the Ent. Normally run and coordinated with the Enterprise Association. For details please contact the class captain.

Ad-hoc advice and instruction sessions run for less experienced sailors by the 'hot shots' in their classes. 


Just have a go ?

If you want to just have a go then we do arrange taster days, normally held in the Spring (see club calendar). Otherwise come down to the club on Sunday mornings when members are normally racing so you can see us in action and chat about getting afloat.

Getting on our Courses

We strongly recommend that anyone interested in starting to sail at Aldenham visits the club to meet one of our instructors and see first hand how the club operates, and how they can get involved. Courses run subject to demand and availability of resources but typically in the late Spring/early Summer. If you have any questions please contact our Training Coordinator by phone or email.


All Courses at ASC are offered only to club members. For information on membership please contact the Membership Secretary or have a look at the About the Club Section. (Fees are detailed in that section). It’s always best to come and visit the club at a pre-arranged time to get a feel before deciding what is best for you.
Where we teach
All sessions take place on Aldenham Reservoir, Elstree, are led by club instructors who freely give of their time and are volunteers taken from the club membership. For children's courses it's very important parents stay on site to help their children with boat rigging/stowing/safety ashore as the boats are often too heavy for children to move.

Other Assistance, Using our Boats

Aldenham Sailing Club welcomes sailors of all abilities into our club racing, which takes place on Sundays and on summer Wednesday evenings. Experienced members are always willing to lend a hand or offer some friendly advice. 


Our training boats; Oppies & Picos are also available for members to use when Training courses are not running and after users have demonstrated a suitable level of competency and for a small fee. We also have a small number of lease boats available on a longer term to members whilst they find your way into the club’s activities.

 Please see the Club boats section of this website for more details.