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Start sailing for Adults

A course for Adults and Teenagers to introduce the basics of sailing.

The overall course is aimed at Adults and Teenagers who have had a little or no experience of Dinghy Sailing and takes them to standard where by they should be able to take out a dinghy, and sail in most directions in good weather conditions. The course is also good for those who have had informal teaching or need a refresher.

We will have an option to complete the course in both Crewed boats (Wayfarers) and Singlehanders (Picos).


 Please see our course bookings page.

 Times:  13.30 to 16:30 Sunday afternoons

 For information on Club membership please contact the Membership Secretary.

Course outline

 • Intro to the boats and steering 

 • Sailing into and away from the Wind 

 • Sailing Solo, stopping & starting 

 • Sailing a course, capsizes, man overboard. 

We also allow some extra time over the course to practise sailing skills and become able to perform them in a variety of conditions.  

For this course we use the clubs Wayfarer dinghys (pictured above) where 2 students crew the dinghy with an instructor. We will also use the clubs Picos (pictured below) for the singlehanded option.