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What to Bring

Sailing is a wet sport and you should assume that you'll be in the water each time you sail. Please bring:

 • Windproof/waterproof anorak and trousers - but we recommend wetsuits are worn underneath on colder days.

 • Hat (with cord so it doesn't blow away)

 • Glasses/Sun Glasses also with retaining cord.

 • full change of clothing (so you can travel home warm and dry)

 •  trainers, or plimsolls (not Wellington boots)

 • Lunch for courses that run all day. (Tea & Coffee are provided)

 • Towel/Soap/Shower Gel.

 • Sun cream (water proof)

 • The club has a number of buoyancy aids but participants may wish to bring there own.

The club has hot showers and will provide tea and coffee.