Push The Boat Out 2018 - Registration Form - Sunday 20th May 12:00 to 16:00

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It must be recognised that sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the PTBO event, you agree and acknowledge that:
(i) You are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport of sailing and you accept responsibility exposing yourself to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the PTBO event;
(ii) You will comply at all times with the instructions of the event Organiser and/or skipper of the boat particularly with regard to instructions for boarding and leaving the boat and/or launching and recovery (as relevant), using the equipment on the boat and handling sails, wearing of buoyancy aids, lifejackets and the wearing of suitable clothing in particular footwear for the conditions
(iii) The following specific advice relates to the potential risk to health that comes on all inland waters from water-borne contamination such as Blue-green algae and Weil’s disease.
To reduce the risk of illness: - Cover ALL scratches, cuts, sores with waterproof plasters. - Wear protective footwear. - Wash your hands BEFORE you eat and always shower after water sports. - See your doctor if you feel unwell in the following days - Do not Put wet lines ropes or other objects in your mouth. - Do not pick up or touch any dead animals - but let the Organisers know (iv) You accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by your own negligence;
(v) You will not participate in the PTBO event whilst your ability to take part in the PTBO event is impaired by alcohol, drugs or whilst otherwise unfit to participate;
(vi) You will inform the PTBO Organiser if there have been any changes to the information provided on the form at the time of the Event.
(vi) The provision of supervision by the event Organiser is limited to such assistance, as can be practically provided in the circumstances
You understand that the PTBO event is intended to give participants a chance to experience sailing. You will be offered the chance to take part in the activities under the guidance of a representative of Aldenham Sailing Club who has been assessed by the Club as competent and sufficiently experienced to supervise your experience. These representatives may not be qualified instructors. The PTBO event is not intended to provide tuition or instruction. The Club hopes that you will enjoy the PTBO event and will be able to advise you on how to obtain tuition and instruction should you wish to take your experience to the next stage.
You understand that the event Organiser may cancel or postpone the PTBO event at any stage in the event of bad weather, equipment failure or otherwise.
You understand that the event Organiser or the skipper of the vessel may ask anyone who refuses to comply with these Booking Terms or who misconducts themselves in any way or who causes damage or annoyance to other persons to leave the event/vessel at a suitable opportunity.
The PTBO Organiser has a Data Privacy Policy. Your data will be stored and used in accordance with that policy. The information you provide in his form will be used to facilitate your participation in the PTBO Event and to contact you. The Organiser would also like to include your contact details on a mailing list in order to make you aware of membership opportunities and future events.
The PTBO Organiser may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken at the PTBO Event and published on the Event or Organisers website or social media channels to promote the Event or Organiser. This imagery may also be used by the RYA in connection with the promotion of its activities.