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OoD Duty Guidelines

ASC is a small friendly self-help organisation reliant on member participation. Full Sailing Members - whatever their experience - should expect to participate as part of an OoD (Officer of the Day Team) twice a year. Winter Racers and Wednesday evening Racers do additional duties during those series. Full details of OD Team activity can be found on the Racing Page as a pdf download, but in brief:- OoD Duty....

  1. Is an great opportunity to meet members and get involved in the running of the club.

  2. Is an obligation of all full members; - to confirm their availablity to the Officer of the Day (via DutyMan), make their own Duty swap arrangements and keep him/her informed if unavailable at short notice.

  3. enables club events to function smoothly.

  4. Briefing, advice and information before your Duty is always available from:-

    1. the Race Officer of the Day or

    2. Any member of the Sailing Committee

    3. the OD Guidelines in the Race Officers Box, and in the Racing Section of the website.

    4. See "Safety on the Water" document for responsibilities of Sailors.

  5. The Duty Team under the Race Officer of the Day is responsible for managing the Race Timetable including

    1. Punctuality of Boats afloat and Race Starts

    2. assisting in the Race Box,

    3. Signalling (flags and hooter)

    4. Recording boat positions

    5. Safety Boat crew

    6. Committee Boat Starts/finishes depending on wind conditions (typically but not only if Easterly winds)

  6. On the Day the Team :-

    1. Report to the clubhouse 10am latest for an OD Team Briefing led by the Race Officer.

    2. Ensure all Equipment and Safety/Committee Boats, Buoys are prepared as required and later are stowed securely at the end of Racing (inc all signal flags, transits)

    3. Ensure all Races start and finish punctually (subject to weather conditions)

    4. Anticipate completing your Duty at approx 2pm (unless the Programme/ Roster shows otherwise – some events run until 3pm)

    5. Support the Race Officer of the Day whose decision is final decision in

      1. allocating duties according to experience and the prevailing conditions

      2. suspending racing if Duty crew and/or equipment resources are insufficient given the prevailing weather conditions of the day, and additional support is not forthoming.

      3. disqualifying any boat not respecting the Racing Rules in force on the day

  7. Remember to bring:-

    1. your own packed lunch (free tea & coffee available)

    2. waterproof clothing/footwear and life jacket/buoyancy aid (if you have one)

  8. More detailed guidance can be found here