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Current Conditions

OD Roster

All Full Sailing Members - as part and parcel of membership at Aldenham SC - should expect to be rostered twice during the period March-December (Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Bank Hols Series). See the link below to view the current "DutyMan" Roster.

Winter Series Racers - are additionally rostered in the period Jan-March (Winter Series).

Wednesday Summer Evening Race duties are additional, and organised informally between those participating

To access the ASC 'DutyMan' Roster please click here

Full Sailing Members are asked to

  • self-manage participation in club duties through this simple-to-use tool,
    • and help club events run smoothly
  • confirm personal availability for Duty online
    • or if not online by contacting the ASC  Duty Coordinator- and
  • arrange any necessary Swap as soon as possible. See the
    • 'multi-swap request' button in the DutyMan Roster,
    • swap status flag which can be selected to show others of your desire to swap.
  • update personal e-mail address and phone number changes in secure DutyMan personal profile
  • anticipate receiving Reminders about each Duty by Email and/or SMS text messaging

Why should I confirm my Duty?

  • Setting the ConfIrm flag (blue tick) for your duty lets fellow duty members know your availability, and helps ensure the Officer of the Day is well supported.

How do I log on?

  • See your DutyMan 'Welcome" e-mail for your (precise) DutyMan Name (FirstName and Surname) and password
  • If you have forgotten your password request a reminder on the DutyMan log on page.

What can I see on the Roster?

  • All Sailing Events and Duty allocations.
  • Member Email addresses and contact telephone nos are only visible once you have logged on (for security reasons).

What about ‘Gaps’ in the Roster?

  • These are shown as “Volunteer Required” slots any member may Volunteer for.

What if I need help with the Roster or I do not know what Duties involve?

  • Please see user help in DutyMan for advice on the Roster process or contact the ASC Duty Coordinator.
  • See the Racing Information page for information about Duties or contact your Officer of the Day, or any Sailing Committee member with any question about Duties. Comments and feedback are always welcome.


Please click below for some instructions on DutyMan.

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