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Current Conditions

Racing Information

  • Racing: takes place year round on Sunday mornings. In the summer there is also a Wednesday evening pursuit race.
  • Classes: the Club has two principal classes that take part in the formal sailing programme: Lasers and Enterprises. In addition the Club races as a combined handicap fleet which is scored both using PYS and Personal Handicaps. The Club’s Illusion fleet arrange their own less formal but popular racing during the summer months. More details can be found in the Fleets section of the website.
  • Duties: All active members are rostered for Duties through the year - as Race Officer of the Day (OOD) or supporting Duties. The Roster is available to view on this web site here or via the main menu. A guide for these duties is attached here.
  • SIs: Racing takes place in accordance with the Club’s Sailing Instructions
  • Open Meetings: In addition to Club racing, the Club hosts Open meetings: one in June for Lasers, another in September for Enterprises and the timing for RS300 events varies each year.  These are the Open Meeting Sailing Instructions
  • Results for all Club racing are scored using Sailwave. Results for the current year (which runs from the beginning of the Autumn Series to the end of the Summer Series) can be found below Previous years’ results are available through the archive section.
  • Safety: All sailors must read and abide by the Safety information given in the Safety section of the website, and in particular in the Racing Instructions (see below) and the Members Guide to Safety document.

Contact: The Club’s Sailing Secretary, can be contacted by email via the contacts page.