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Aldenham Sailing Club is a small friendly dinghy racing sailing club near Watford. Within easy reach of Hertfordshire and North London our main interest is to provide facilities and lively competition for our members. We also welcome and provide training for those new to sailing. 
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Racing Results

Results updated to 25th November 2018. [Note - the AGM is in on Sunday 2nd December and there is no scheduled racing that day]

Autumn 2 Series continued on 25th November. Nine Lasers, one Ent and two RS300s were out, and the wind although north-easterly was a good one for racing with on some laps an enjoyable reach from 10 down to 5, at least after the first few yards where the wind came from any direction it chose. It wasn't cold and although I didn't swim today, it wasn't too bad in the water last week, so come down and get some sailing in before the real winter sets in.

Please note Personal Handicaps have been updated - see below

Personal handicaps updated   

The new PH racing starting last year created four different winners for four series and brought many new faces to the podium, who were rewarded at the Laying Up Supper. This is the aim - to show who is improving their racing no matter what their standard was to start with. James has just updated the handicaps which are now applied to Autumn 1. As we get more data, and assuming that people sail reasonably consistently each week, the movements in calculated numbers get smaller and the handicaps get more accurate.  However as certain conditions suit certain sailors better than others the consistency point will always be an issue unless we all sail a lot more!

Jim and Hilgard
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Aldenham Sailing Club provides training for Club members and over the years has helped many people, young and not so young, to develop their sailing skills.