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Aldenham Sailing Club is a small friendly dinghy racing sailing club near Watford. Within easy reach of Hertfordshire and North London our main interest is to provide facilities and lively competition for our members. The 'News' article below explains the current situation.  See About the Club for more information.

The Club has Re-Opened. To see details of Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions click here


Racing Results

Update 2 Feb 2020

Due to the current water level there has been no racing since 19 January 2020 (see write-up below).

Winter day 3 - 19 January 2020

Eureka, with huge thanks to Roger McC, we are now able to post Sailwave results onto the website once again!

So, to catch up on previous results files, please see:

Today saw day three of the Winter series.  When we got to the Club there wasn't a breath of wind to be seen but, after a short postponement, the wind kicked in in a fits and starts sort of way.  Five Lasers launched into the ever lower water level aided, as is now needed, by willing shoreside helpers.

Once afloat, Tim Le C and Colin C battled it out at the front of the first race with Tim coming out on top and Andy C gaining fast for third place.  John C and Gavin S were becalmed at the penultimate buoy and had a pretty torrid final leg.

As in earlier in the series, the second race was held back-to-back to avoid the difficulties of returning to the shore and James Le C came out to play.  James got the best start and led Tim Le C and Colin C to the first mark but was shortly overtaken by Tim who gradually pulled away.  By the penultimate mark Andy C, who had been in third for a while, gained an inside overlap on James and hence second place.  But at the final mark, just yards from the finish, James returned the favour and in the dash for the line Colin C also managed to scrape past Andy who was relegated to fourth.  It became evident during the second race that John C had omitted to put his bung in which resulted in a somewhat submerged Laser and a necessary retirement which Gareth benefited from.

After the racing all the competitors and crew spent a while getting Amazon ashore in recognition that otherwise it would be beached inside the boatstore.   

So, three days in to what is intended to be a ten week series (though whether that will be achievable remains to be seen) and after applying three discards, Tim LeC is leading with three firsts followed by Colin C second on 4 points and James Le C third on 6 points.  On Personal Handicap, it is Colin then Tim and then James.  

The detailed results can be found here.

James Le C


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Aldenham Sailing Club will sail no more 



Sailing Club to leave Aldenham Reservoir
It is with great sadness that Aldenham Sailing Club has to announce that it is terminating its lease with the owners of Aldenham reservoir and that it will no longer be sailing there. It is another sad development in the current history of the reservoir. No more will boats and sails be seen on what was once the jewel in the crown of Hertsmere which is left to an uncertain future with a diminished water level, increased mudflats, a rough-looking beach along the dam and now a fence which will affect the popular footpath round the lake. Haberdashers’ and Aldenham schools, which also sailed on the water, and disabled and veteran sailing club members who use special boats will have to seek sailing elsewhere. 
The club has not been sailing since January when the reservoir owners, Liberty Lake Leisure Limited, dropped the water level by one metre, arguing that they needed to ease pressure on the dam following an engineer's report. The club commodore, Bryan Forbes, says: "I am sad about the whole situation. I did not want it as my legacy to be the last commodore.  But when Mahesh Gosrani, one of the two owners, stated in the press that the drop in water level of one metre would stay and might even be further reduced, we had no choice. Launching and recovery became too risky and even if we had adapted the structures, we had no confidence that one day the water would not drop further and so we began to look elsewhere."
The club has agreed licenses with Liberty Lake Leisure to enable it to access the sailing compound to remove boats and equipment. The site has to be cleared by 24th December.  So local people will see activity on and around the compound for some time but sadly, no further sailing by a club which started there in 1937. 
Members will now be seeking other clubs where they can carry on their sailing. 
Bryan Forbes, Commodore  07777 698589
Paul Reynolds, Publicity Officer  0207 435 8693/07966 463 585 





This "beach" has appeared along the dam. Photos by club member David Schwartz


Paul Reynolds, Publicity Officer 

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Aldenham Sailing Club provides training for Club members and over the years has helped many people, young and not so young, to develop their sailing skills.