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Current Conditions




Following the partial lifting of the 
COVID lockdown the RYA has issued guidelines on how Clubs may re-open and operate in line with Government Guidelines and the general theme of the advice is to be considerate and conservative.  

Aldenham SC is now open to members and certain restrictions will need to be observed by all club members visiting the site. Please respect your fellow members by following these Guidelines.

All sailing, use of the club boats and jetties, is still suspended except for emergencies.

If you or anyone in your household has any COVID related symptoms or are self isolating stay at home.

Social distancing and government restrictions to be observed at all times.

The Clubhouse, Tool Shed and Safety Boat Shed will remain CLOSED. The Toilets will be left Open.

Members should provide their own soap/sanitiser, towels and disinfectant.

Members should avoid coming into contact with communal equipment, if possible, and be prepared to wear gloves, wash hands, use disinfectant when they do so e.g. compound gates, door handles etc.

Members will be able to remove their boats from site and carry out essential maintenance but should keep boats in their existing berths and not move boats around the site (or to the back compound) except where necessary. 

There will be no need to switch electricity on or off (or enter the Clubhouse) as the settings have been changed to provide power to sockets on the outside of the Clubhouse and Safety Boat Shed for essential maintenance tasks. Please turn off lights in the toilets and Sail Shed after use or when leaving the site.

As gatherings of more than six people are NOT permitted some maintenance tasks will not be possible under the current restrictions.


The safety of all members, whether afloat or ashore, is important and the Club publishes a number of documents covering this, ranging from a general guide, which should be a must-read for all members, through to documents covering the Club’s approach to Child Welfare and Advice for Parents of children attending courses.  These documents are available here. The ASC Data Privacy Policy is available below.

Download this file (ASCDataPrivacyPolicyv1_1.doc)Data Privacy Policy[Aldenham Sailing Club Data Privacy Policy]68 kB