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Enterprise Open 2014


A lovely September day and very light airs greeted helms, crews and race crew on Sunday 28th September 2014 for the final event in the Enterprise Easter Area Nimbus Series - very at odds with the previous few years but a day which delivered good racing nonetheless. A keen (well jovial anyway) fleet of Enterprises got rigged, briefed and on their way for the best of three. The race crew led by Pete Ellis set a figure of eight on the northern end of Aldenham Reservoir to make the best of the available wind tumbling over the south eastern (and sometimes just for fun western) shores.

Race 1 on got underway, with wind building nicely, from a committee boat start line at mark 9. Most of the fleet took the conventional starboard line and got a clean start (with the usual vocalisations naturally). A late starter below, behind and on port (an accidental strategy) very nearly got first to the windward mark, just pipped by visitors Kevin Bilham /Jamie Cammann who took the overall lead and the race. Les Smith / Neil Marcus took second with Hilgard Muller / Chris Brown third.

Race 2 was under much the same conditions. Kevin/Jamie once again taking the lead and holding it, their 1st overall position sealed whatever happened in Race 3. However, the rest of the fleet came home in entirely different positions, with Richard & Julia Jenkins taking second and Stephen & Zoe Seargeant third.

A break for lunch and a session with the rule book between two boats followed. Both lunch and potential infringements were successfully concluded as the fleet prepared for Race 3 with prompt 2pm start on a new course on the same patch of fickle water. This time the conditions were lighter, nearly dying mid-way through, and causing the back of the fleet to bunch up, virtually stop and test their ‘rights of way’ knowledge. Another shakeup of positions followed, with some retirees, but the majority of the fleet stuck it out. Kevin / Jamie once again paved the way with a third win. Les / Neil came in second (taking 2nd overall) with Richard / Julia 3rd overall on countback.

After prize giving, Kevin Bilham thanked the race crew, galley and hospitality of Aldenham.

Sail on 2015!