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Current Conditions

Enterprise Open 2019

Despite the sometimes scary looking forecast, the sailing conditions turned out to be very manageable for the participants with a fairly steady south westerly - average wind speeds were as advertised at F3-F4 but without the really high gusts, or worse still lightning, that formed part of some forecasts.

A course was set and following a quick briefing racing got underway shortly after 11:00 with a slightly different format of 2 races, lunch and then 2 more races to conclude. This was around the same overall race time but it seemed to work well in the conditions, allowing time for some to bail out or take a break.

Visitors Ann Jackson and Alan Skeens got away to clean starts and built up early leads in the first three races, sealing 1st place overall with three wins and one discard for the final race. Racing in the rest of the fleet was very close at times.

The consistent pairing were Les Smith/Peter Scott with a 2-2-(3)-3 set of results. This should have got them second overall. However Duncan Jenkins/Beth Dancer who, despite an early capsize just off the pontoon before the first race, came from the back of the fleet on points, overtaking both Les/Peter and Mike Hogg/John Clark on points to take 2nd place overall with (5)-3-2-1.

Overall, we had three capsizes throughout the day, none requiring outside assistance and all recovered to continue racing. At times, spells of rain came in with virtually no wind. De-rigging ashore was particularly wet but a good day was had by all.

Many thanks to the Laser fleet led by Fleet Captain Colin Carver, Race Officer James Le Couilliard and able helpers on the water and in the galley.


Enterprise Open 2018

For the first time, the Aldenham Enterprise Open formed part of both the Eastern Area Nimbus Series and Thames Valley Bowl series. This resulted in a bumper (for recent years) turnout of 14 boats, half of which were visitors. The weather was dry and the wind North-westerly most of the time allowing use of the whole reservoir. Racing got away on time with the first race at 11:00, then lunch followed by two more races in a back to back format. Martin Davies/Rebecca Bradley sealed the deal with two firsts in the first two races, with one discard for their final race result. Racing in the rest of the fleet was close throughout and not decided until the final race results were in.

With first place decided, second place went to David Beaney/Alison White from Wembley SC and third to Ann Jackson/Alan Skeens from Burghfield SC. Fourth place and first Aldenham boat (well done for second year running) was Brett & Janis Dingwall



Enterprise Open 2017

The Aldenham Enterprise 2017 Open took place on Sunday 24th September with nine entries including three visitors. Colin Carver, Race Officer, ran the show and delegated course setting and race co-ordination to experienced James Le Couilliard and Steve Fischer from the Laser fleet.

A committee boat start at mark 9 was set to use the south easterly breeze, with two beats, two reaches and a run factored in. The course remained unchanged but the wind, varying from near overpowered to light and fickle, often split the fleet on the start and the course.

Following a briefing from Steve Fischer, Race 1 got under way at 11:00. Les/Richard initially led the way, chased by Martin/Rebecca from Rugby and Daventy SC and David/Alison from Wembly SC. Martin/Rebecca and David/Alison eventually pulled through to take first and second, with Brett/Colin just getting into third place.

After a break for lunch, two back to back races started around 13:30. Race 2 saw Martin/Rebecca assert their position, leading all the way to the finish, with David/Alison in second place and Hilgard/Chris just managing to hold on to third. With Martin/Rebecca now assured a first overall, they stayed ashore and let the remainder battle it out. David/Alison and Brett/Colin took first and second places respectively in Race 3, giving them second and third on the overall results.


Pre-start Brett Dingwall had no boat or crew. He found both, an Enterprise I’ve not seen uncovered, let alone on the water during my time at Aldenham and the other in Laser sailor Colin Wright. Well done on 3rd overall. Martin Davies was still on the grass, boat capsized with a rig problem while everyone else was cruising the start line for Race 1 but went on to win two races, sealing 1st overall.

Many thanks to the race crew of led by Colin Carver and galley crew led by Marcus Flint.

Hilgard Muller 





Enterprise Open 2015

The ASC annual Enterprise Open was held on 27th September 2015 in bright sunny conditions. Six Aldenham boats competed with visitors  Phil & Laura Bevan from Grafham SC and Lloyd Walker & Katie Keam-George of Leigh SC. A fickle easterly greeted the fleet for three races. The race crew, lead by Steve Fischer, had the challenge of setting a course in one corner of Aldenham Reservoir. In the hope that wind would fill in, one race was held before lunch and two back to back straight after. Although the wind did fill a little, it remained fickle and provided interesting and close racing throughout the fleet with gains to had (and losses to be suffered) by most at various points on the course.

Final results for the top three were : 1st, Phil and Laura Bevan (Grafham SC), 2nd Lloyd Walker and Katie Keam-George (Leigh SC) and 3rd ASC Commodore Les Smith with Natalie Hawes

Full results here


Enterprise Open 2016


The Enterprise Open took place on Sunday 25th September as part of the Enterprise Association Eastern Area Nimbus Series. The wind was favourable, varying between Southerly and Westerly at times, Force 2 to 4 with some unpredictable gusts a little further up the scale. Three visitors attended, and Martin Davies, a regular visitor from Rugby and Daventry, won the event with his crew Rebecca Bradley. Aldenham took second (Les Smith and Natalie Hawes), followed by Lloyd Walker (Leigh SC), crew Katie Keam-George. Results here.

Many thanks to the race crew of Colin Carver, Colin Wright, Martin Bayfield, Mark Patten and Andras Szabo, with Rebecca Lonsdale and Martin King-Davies providing the excellent lunch and post-match teas and cakes.

We also picked up another two membership applications today, following a steady flow since Push The Boat Out in May.





Enterprise Open 2014


A lovely September day and very light airs greeted helms, crews and race crew on Sunday 28th September 2014 for the final event in the Enterprise Easter Area Nimbus Series - very at odds with the previous few years but a day which delivered good racing nonetheless. A keen (well jovial anyway) fleet of Enterprises got rigged, briefed and on their way for the best of three. The race crew led by Pete Ellis set a figure of eight on the northern end of Aldenham Reservoir to make the best of the available wind tumbling over the south eastern (and sometimes just for fun western) shores.

Race 1 on got underway, with wind building nicely, from a committee boat start line at mark 9. Most of the fleet took the conventional starboard line and got a clean start (with the usual vocalisations naturally). A late starter below, behind and on port (an accidental strategy) very nearly got first to the windward mark, just pipped by visitors Kevin Bilham /Jamie Cammann who took the overall lead and the race. Les Smith / Neil Marcus took second with Hilgard Muller / Chris Brown third.

Race 2 was under much the same conditions. Kevin/Jamie once again taking the lead and holding it, their 1st overall position sealed whatever happened in Race 3. However, the rest of the fleet came home in entirely different positions, with Richard & Julia Jenkins taking second and Stephen & Zoe Seargeant third.

A break for lunch and a session with the rule book between two boats followed. Both lunch and potential infringements were successfully concluded as the fleet prepared for Race 3 with prompt 2pm start on a new course on the same patch of fickle water. This time the conditions were lighter, nearly dying mid-way through, and causing the back of the fleet to bunch up, virtually stop and test their ‘rights of way’ knowledge. Another shakeup of positions followed, with some retirees, but the majority of the fleet stuck it out. Kevin / Jamie once again paved the way with a third win. Les / Neil came in second (taking 2nd overall) with Richard / Julia 3rd overall on countback.

After prize giving, Kevin Bilham thanked the race crew, galley and hospitality of Aldenham.

Sail on 2015!



Enterprise Open Meeting 2013

12 Enterprises, including 6 visitors, took to the water at Aldenham for the last meeting in the Nimbus Series. A force 3, ENE was expected with force 4/5 gusts backing later to come more Easterly.

The wind strength was good from the committee boat start but became very unpredictable after rounding the windward mark close to the trees. Phil and Laura Bevan (Grafham Water) negotiated this leg successfully, rounded the gybe mark while others rafted up behind and went on to establish a sizeable lead which they held to the end of the race.

The second race started in similar conditions but this time there was a close battle between Phil and Laura, Martin and Laurence Davies (Rugby & Daventry) and Paul Young and Megan Ward (Midland) with a regular swopping of positions. At the finish Phil & Laura managed to hold off Martin & Laurence to cross the line just in front.

The wind had been moving more easterly towards the end of the second race and this led to a course change after lunch. Paul & Megan, Martin & Laurence, Phil & Laura opened up a lead on the rest of the fleet even though Phil and Laura had already secured first place by winning the previous races. Lloyd Walker & Katie (Leigh) and Les Smith & Neil Marcus (Aldenham) closed the gap but were unable to catch the first three and Paul & Megan won the third race to claim second overall on equal points with Martin & Laurence.

The final positions were: -

1: 22439 Phil & Laura Bevan, Grafham Water SC, 1st G Master

2: 22901 Paul Young & Megan Ward, Midland SC, 1st Master

3: 22320 Martin & Laurence Davies, Rugby & Daventry SC, 1st GG Master

4: 22353 Lloyd Walker & Katie, Leigh SC

5: 23094 Keith and Katy Tyler, Hunts  SC

1st Aldenham boat: 22857 Les Smith & Neil Marcus

Les Smith, Class Captain