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Aldenham Sailing Club was a small friendly dinghy racing sailing club near Watford but will no longer be sailing on Aldenham Reservoir. The 'News' article below explains the current situation.  See About the Club for more information.

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Sailing Club leaves Aldenham Reservoir  



Water level dropped so lease terminated
It is with great sadness that Aldenham Sailing Club has to announce that it has terminated its lease with the owners of Aldenham reservoir and that it will no longer be sailing there. Its boats have been removed and many of its members have started to sail elsewhere. It is another sad development in the current history of the reservoir. No more will boats and sails be seen on the jewel in the crown of Hertsmere which is left to an uncertain future with a diminished water level, increased mudflats, a rough-looking beach along the dam and, according to the owners, an insufficient source of income for the maintenance of the dam.  Haberdashers’ and Aldenham schools, which also sailed on the water, and disabled and veteran sailing club members who use special boats have had to seek sailing elsewhere. 
The club has not been sailing since January when the reservoir owners, Liberty Lake Leisure Limited, dropped the water level by one metre, arguing that they needed to ease pressure on the dam following an engineer's report. The club commodore, Bryan Forbes, said: "I am sad about the whole situation. I did not want it as my legacy to be the last commodore.  But when Mahesh Gosrani, one of the two owners, stated in the press that the drop in water level of one metre would stay and might even be further reduced, we had no choice. Launching and recovery became too risky and even if we had adapted the structures, we had no confidence that one day the water would not drop further and so we began to look elsewhere."
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This "beach" has appeared along the dam. Photos by club member David Schwartz


Paul Reynolds, Publicity Officer 

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