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Team Racing Sunday 19th April

For a proper race report by James Le Couilliard, see left - this just what happened to me: 

It wasn’t exactly Master and Commander but when Kevin manoeuvred against me for the nth time, I was reminded of the French captain who ambushed Captain Jack Aubrey (aka Russell Crowe). Yes, team racing is combat.

It was a great morning and those of us with a lot to learn, learned a lot. Team mates were shouting instructions and sailing tips and turning back to help. Not an ordinary day. There were four races with two teams of three and two teams of two.  The race officers, James le C and Barry Steel, mixed us all up after each race so that you suddenly found yourself up against someone who was your closest buddy just a short time before. It was a demonstration of the limited powers of loyalty and of how people under orders can switch sides all too easily. An ally in one war can be an enemy in the next.

And so it felt. Colin and I actually won a two-boat race before the break but afterwards, Colin was part of an opposing three-boat team and I found myself headed off by him from one mark so that whereas I had been at the front (the wingmen having done their job) I suddenly found myself at the back. 

As for Kevin, I got used to seeing him lurking ahead. So persistent was he in heading me to the shore that I thought he might have rods waiting there and intended us to fish instead.  I did get a jump on him right at the end of one race, though. One day we'll be on the same side, I hope. 

Don’t ask me who won or lost. I had to read James’ report to find out. Turns out I was on two losing and two winning teams. I was in the fog of battle most of the time and even exercised starboard rights over one Laser on the starting line only to discover that it was Bob, a team mate. I think he forgave me when he finished in front. 

Congrats to James for organising this. As he says, it does a lot for transferring skills, getting to know fellow members better and it was fun for those able to intercept and disrupt.  To those who missed it:  “And gentlemen in England now abed will think themselves accurs’d they were not here…”

Paul Reynolds, Publicity Officer


Updated 14th May 

Racing for places in the Spring Cup 12th April (see race report on left)


Tim Le Couilliard on way to winning race

Some more photos

Here's a short video of the race


Coming up

June Get Sailing Clinic

The next Adult Get Sailing Clinic is on Sunday 2nd June, from 1:45 - 4:00 pm.  Whether you're a beginner or an improver, the clinics provide small group coaching and training in a friendly and informal atmosphere, and are an ideal way for new members to get to know the club.  Places are limited though, so please book your place by emailing Richard Holmes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Clinics are free to club members, but please note there is a £10 fee for hire of club boats.

Laser Open Day Sunday 9th June

Colin Carver has put out a notice

SCHEDULE Four races are scheduled for the event with three results to count. A competitor’s briefing will be held in the club house at 10:20am. 1sr Race start 11.00hrs. 

ENTRY FEE An entry fee of £15 is payable on the day which includes lunch. Entry forms will be available on the morning of the event from 09.30 hrs

LOCATION MAP See club location at About the Club on For Sat Nav systems the closest post code is WD6 3BD Please park in the car park using normal spacing (so we can get everyone’s car in) and wheel your boats down the lane to the lake.

SAILING INSTRUCTION Available on the day and at: Sailing Instructions on Standard, Radial and 4.7 rigs welcome – single start and joint results (not handicapped), with separate prizes if 2+ boats using same rig All competitors are required to hold third party insurance for racing of at least £5,000,000 We look forward to seeing you. Any queries contact Colin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paul Reynolds, Publicity Officer