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Enterprise Open 2015

The ASC annual Enterprise Open was held on 27th September 2015 in bright sunny conditions. Six Aldenham boats competed with visitors  Phil & Laura Bevan from Grafham SC and Lloyd Walker & Katie Keam-George of Leigh SC. A fickle easterly greeted the fleet for three races. The race crew, lead by Steve Fischer, had the challenge of setting a course in one corner of Aldenham Reservoir. In the hope that wind would fill in, one race was held before lunch and two back to back straight after. Although the wind did fill a little, it remained fickle and provided interesting and close racing throughout the fleet with gains to had (and losses to be suffered) by most at various points on the course.

Final results for the top three were : 1st, Phil and Laura Bevan (Grafham SC), 2nd Lloyd Walker and Katie Keam-George (Leigh SC) and 3rd ASC Commodore Les Smith with Natalie Hawes

Full results here