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Enterprise Open 2017

The Aldenham Enterprise 2017 Open took place on Sunday 24th September with nine entries including three visitors. Colin Carver, Race Officer, ran the show and delegated course setting and race co-ordination to experienced James Le Couilliard and Steve Fischer from the Laser fleet.

A committee boat start at mark 9 was set to use the south easterly breeze, with two beats, two reaches and a run factored in. The course remained unchanged but the wind, varying from near overpowered to light and fickle, often split the fleet on the start and the course.

Following a briefing from Steve Fischer, Race 1 got under way at 11:00. Les/Richard initially led the way, chased by Martin/Rebecca from Rugby and Daventy SC and David/Alison from Wembly SC. Martin/Rebecca and David/Alison eventually pulled through to take first and second, with Brett/Colin just getting into third place.

After a break for lunch, two back to back races started around 13:30. Race 2 saw Martin/Rebecca assert their position, leading all the way to the finish, with David/Alison in second place and Hilgard/Chris just managing to hold on to third. With Martin/Rebecca now assured a first overall, they stayed ashore and let the remainder battle it out. David/Alison and Brett/Colin took first and second places respectively in Race 3, giving them second and third on the overall results.


Pre-start Brett Dingwall had no boat or crew. He found both, an Enterprise I’ve not seen uncovered, let alone on the water during my time at Aldenham and the other in Laser sailor Colin Wright. Well done on 3rd overall. Martin Davies was still on the grass, boat capsized with a rig problem while everyone else was cruising the start line for Race 1 but went on to win two races, sealing 1st overall.

Many thanks to the race crew of led by Colin Carver and galley crew led by Marcus Flint.

Hilgard Muller